FB notifications of friends getting married – Nostalgic, emotional, or hilarious?

Friends getting married

Login to Facebook these days – You see notifications of friends getting married or engaged! How does it feel to know your school/college buddies are getting married while you are still yet to tie the knot and settle down? Karen Menezes, Editor-in-Chief of The Urban Lady, women’s health & lifestyle online magazine, shares her experience.

*Beep Beep* Another FB notification.

Gosh! It seems like people won’t stop notifying their every single move to the world. Honestly, sometimes, I do feel like quitting this social media addiction. But then, it’s an addiction I just can’t give up. Thanks to my thirst for knowledge (or maybe updates on what’s happening in whose life).

When I talk about updates, I mean all kinds of it! –

People posting pictures of chilling in Dubai on a holiday. Regular hang out with friends at a shopping mall. Catching up with cousins at a family function. Maybe the random birthday notifications. The ridiculous Farmville sort-of games that our fellow FB-ites want us to play. Some crappy status updates. Silly couples shouting out to each other with annoying PDA-filled status updates/pictures – after every TWO MINUTES (of course along with using and misusing the heart and kiss emoticon). People unnecessarily poking and tagging you in pictures. And so on… you know what I mean, right?

Okay, so coming back to where we started – My phone buzzed and I get another FB notification.

 It’s 1 A.M. at midnight and I stop to check out my phone in the middle of blogging.

The FB notification update reads as,

Marilyn Gomes got ENGAGED to Shawn Cruz

My first reaction to it was, “Awwww… How romantic is that! I mean its Marilyn, my school mate whom I haven’t been in contact with ever since I was out of school. But, I have known her since I first learnt to write the alphabets.”

She just got engaged perhaps to the man of her dreams or someone whom she just met. I don’t know exactly and I don’t care how she met him. All I know is that I was glad she was settling down. It’s an emotional moment for me. Which reminds me… I too need to settle down soon. Uuurggh!

“Wow! We have all grown up, haven’t we?” I thought to myself.

In the past few months, I have read approximately more than a dozen updates from people that either screamed ENGAGED TO or MARRIED TO. Most of them being my school/college buddies with whom I have and haven’t personally interacted with in recent times.

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Surprisingly, amidst these notifications there was a status by a school friend, Ryan. It read like this –

“Whenever I open Facebook these days, friends are either getting married or engaged” This was obviously followed with a string of ROFL emoticons.

On first thought, I laughed and LIKED his status with the rest of the chipmunks who liked his status as well.

But then on second thought it struck me, “HEY! Isn’t that meant to happen, Ryan?”

For those who don’t know, I belong to the last decade before the millennium year. So, fundamentally, I belong to the ‘90s. And since me and my batch mates are all currently in our raging mid and late 20s, marriage would definitely be on the cards. When else do you expect us to get married? At 40? 😛

Nevertheless, Ryan set a thought-provoking status that left me thinking on how time flies away even before we know it. How life waits for no one. Blink and you miss it!

This is probably our timeline so far –

At 5– We were just kids playing, holding hands, playing ring-a-ring-a roses, wearing gum boots during monsoons, waited relentlessly for summer vacations to arrive. A time where innocence knew no bounds.

At 12 – When hitting puberty, we wanted to understand our minds and bodies better. The age when having a crush on your teacher was completely normal. The phase where we burned the midnight lamp at nights during examinations, shared our lunch boxes during recess, played and chased each other. Had the fun time of our lives balancing both academics and extra-curricular activities.

At 16 – A nervous bunch of caterpillars, stepped out from the cocoons, spreading our wings and flapping them hard. Flying away to explore a world where we didn’t have to wear those uniforms any more. A world where we interacted with new faces. Made friends each day. Mass bunked lectures. Had our first kiss. Where crushes were no longer restricted to teachers, but the cutest guy or hottest girl on campus. Where we discovered and explored ourselves – our identities.

At 21 – The time when our priorities change. Career turns out to be the focal point in our lives. Where socializing does not just exist in the virtual world, but reality too. When we seek meaningful relationships with our families. Finding and making time for love becomes a challenge. Some of us succeed, some don’t!

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At 26 – Finally! This is phase that brought me to writing this article. The marriage phase. I am not so sure how it works out for guys. But, you would see girls usually walking down the aisle by this age. It is the phase when a woman is ready to mentally, physically, emotionally give in to marriage. Where she is ready to start her own family. It is also the phase where we individuals have somewhere found stability in our careers. And switching jobs after 6 months doesn’t happen any more because we have prioritized our goals. We have better clarity of our life ahead.

Post this phase is something I am not so sure of. What are you thinking? I haven’t yet reached there! 😉

But, there will be a day, when I would probably reach my 60s and then continue writing this post – gushing about how I see FB notification of school/college friends playing with their grandchildren. And the way life continues post 30 and beyond!

Bottomline – Life throws plenty of opportunities at us. It’s all in our hands how we choose to make the most of it. We have the option to be happy only if we want to.

Rather than focusing on the things we didn’t accomplish in life. Or the failures that haunt us. Or the unhappy times…

We need to cherish our present and celebrate life. This is only possible with people we know-

Yup… our Family and Friends! 😀

Loved reading this post? Feeling nostalgic or do you need a box of tissue papers? LOL! Just kidding! I am sure it brought a smile on your face. If it did, don’t forget to like this post and share it with your homies and loved ones. Of course don’t forget to share it with your school and college buddies.

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Stay tuned folks! Buh-bye! 🙂

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