3 Reasons You Cannot Cheat on Someone You Love

cheat on someone

Is cheating in relationships true? Can you ever cheat on someone with whom you are in love? Read further to know why not to cheat in a relationship. Unlock this mystery on cheating in a relationship.

People say cheating can happen when a person is unhappy in a relationship. Seriously? Why is the person even unhappy? When you fell in love with that individual, you proudly declared your feelings to him, didn’t you? So, where has this ‘unhappiness’ appeared. No, wait a second, people also say cheating in a relationship can occur because we are all humans. Honestly, no one is bothered whether you are human or not. Because as a matter of fact, ‘cheating cannot be termed as a mistake when you are truly in love with someone. The bottom line is if you cheat on someone you are dating, you probably are just ‘dating’ that person. The truth is that you do not love that person. If you are unfaithful to that special person, then you are surely not in love.

1. Understand the difference between ‘loving a person’ and ‘being in love’

There is a common misconception that loving and being in love is the same thing. The truth is that they are different. Not just in the way they are phrased or grammatically. But, literally! You can love anyone, your parents, siblings, cousins, neighbors, relatives, people in you society, or even your pets. But, when you talk about being in love with an individual, it means you have whole-heartedly accepted the fact that the particular person is different from the rest. He stands out from the others who form your world. In fact, he means the world to you. So, how can you even think let alone commit an act of infidelity on him. Because if you cheat, your just not in love or perhaps don’t know the true meaning of being in love. What happens when you cheat in a relationship? It means you just love him like any other but not deeply in love with him. That’s why it is better not to cheat on someone.

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2. Because when you cheat on the love of your life, you are cheating yourself

Lack of compatibility, he-has-changed, things-are-not-like-they-used-to-be-before, okay enough! Too many reasons, too many excuses! As a woman, if you had the courage to fall in love with him and tell him ‘I love you’, also muster courage to tell him, ‘I do not love you anymore’. Rather than acting like a coward and cheating on him, it is wiser if you could just confront him with what you feel. You are surely not a kid to understand that you are not into him anymore. Why do you have to wait to see yourself cheat on him and make yourself believe that you are not in love? Just tell him the truth. When you deceive, ultimately, you are deceiving yourself. You are just convincing yourself that you can take the relationship forward regardless of whether you love him or not. For once, stop defending yourself. Stop the projection mechanism. Don’t even think that you can cheat on someone. Betray the love of your life, you are just betraying yourself sweetheart.

3. Committed relationships aren’t just made of vows and candle light dinners

No amount of candle light dinners, flowers, or chocolates can make up for ‘cheating’. What does ‘make-up-for-cheating-on-you’ even mean? How can you cheat on someone and then think of making up for it? Love isn’t about chanting pretentious and meaningless vows when you aren’t fulfilling them. It is better you don’t vow. When you say you are in love with someone and you are in a serious committed relationship with that person, cheating is totally out of the question. Because being in love with someone requires you to be fiercely loyal to that person. If you cannot, then do not make a mockery of the relationship by carrying on with it. It is like an elastic band that is being stretched unnecessarily from both the ends. If let loose, it can snap and hurt either one.

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Remember that cheating in a relationship does not occur for fun or out of frustration. What happens when you cheat on someone? Those are just lame excuses to say that you cannot stick to being with one individual. Betrayal does not just hurt emotionally but is an insult especially when you initially risked the most precious feeling in the world for that person. And that is – ‘falling in love’

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