Is teen peer pressure difficult to deal? How should it be handled? Check out these tips on how you can deal with teenage peer pressure through this article.

Teen peer pressure may be a subject that is widely spoken across the world, but how bad is it? Everyone faces peer pressure at some point in time in their teenage years. While some overcome them, the others succumb to their ill effects. As a teenage girl, what should you do when one of your female friends offers you a cigarette? What should you do if some random guy from your friend circle forces you to drink? You may have come across many teenage peer pressure articles and blogs that tell you the nuisances of it, but we at The Urban Lady explain situations and how you should deal with them. Read further to know more.

How can teenage peer pressure influence you?

Wanting to be like your friends is a normal part of being a teen. It is good at times. But, on the flipside, it can also be a matter of concern. Parents should help their teens manage it by giving them the right advice. Doing something that you would never do just for the sake of feeling accepted and valued by your friends. While it can be positive and make you feel assertive, it can also be negative.

How to deal with teen peer pressure in the following situations?

  • Fashion and clothing

It may lead to daily arguments with your parents. You may not have enough money to wear expensive clothes like your friends, so you end up stealing them or demanding that your parents should purchase them for you. You are influenced negatively amongst your girl gang so much so that you would want to wear the same clothes, accessories, and hairstyles regardless of how ridiculous it may be. Be comfortable in your skin. Instead of copying others. Wear what you are comfortable in and set your own trends.


  • Entertainment

Teenage peer pressure can be taxing even in terms of what you watch on television. You want to listen to the same music and watch the same shows on TV irrespective of their vulgar and violent content. If your friends have the latest video games, you want them immediately for yourself to look cool and feel wanted among them. Entertainment is a matter of personal choice so do not make it a public affair by opting for the same things that your friend believe in and wish to do.

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  • Personal behavior

Sometimes it influences you to the point where you change the way you walk and talk. Too much of profane and abusive language can be spoken by you just because you want to feel a part of your gang. Get away from all of that! Teenage peer pressure can drastically impact your behaviour, but you have to keep reminding yourself of who you are and where you belong. Do not change yourself for anyone else. Talk to your parents or any elders in the family. Their advice in times like these can certainly help.

  • Rebel

Studies and facts about teen peer pressure reveal that young teenage girls tend to get carried away when there are boys in the group. They end up doing risky things just because someone dares them to do it. In that context, they fall prey to serious issues and end up losing themselves. ‘Breaking rules’ tends to become the new order of the day. What would you get by being a rebel? You are just moving into a new wrong direction where your path will somewhere down the lane have a dead-end.


  • Sexual Activities

Some teenagers decide to become sexually active just because they think its cool. Some give in to the pressure because of the person whom they are dating. While some just get caught up in romantic situations and emotions leading them to think that doing sex would be the best way to prove their love for their partner. The primary step here is to understand the importance of handling peer pressure and do it only when it is right. It is alright for you to respect yourself and say a ‘no’. There is no harm if you say, ‘No, I am not yet ready to have sex’. No one is going to put you behind bars for that.

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  • Smoking/alcohol/drugs

It is not good for you and can lead to health issues, accidents, fights, and trouble with the police. None of these dangerous vices can ever make you look cool. It just makes you appear to be a foolish wannabe who doesn’t have a mind of her own. No matter what your friends tell you, if it is against your morals and choice, just say a blunt NO. No more reasoning or explanations. Just a NO!


  • Dieting/body building

Regardless of your body size, do not let anyone judge you or tease you about it. Just because the girl in college has a hot body and is the cynosure of all eyes, it does not mean you need to opt for crash dieting to lose weight in a jiffy. Sometimes, it is okay to not fit into a pair of skinny jeans. Why do you have to follow diet plans blindly and then end of running your health? Most teenage peer pressure articles forget about this importance aspect that girls face once they hit puberty. You cannot control your hormones so stay away from unhealthy and harmful supplements just because the hottest girl in the group consumes them. Be beautiful by being yourself.

  • Teasing/ Bullying

What is peer pressure without bullying? It begins during childhood and tends to go on even as we grow into our teens. Teenage peer pressure needs to be identified at the earliest. If you are the one targeting others, you too may feel bad about it, and then think how the target themselves must be feeling. Steer clear away from teasing and bullying.


Learn to make your own choices. Get to know who you are and what you want in life. See the bigger picture. Think about the future. Think about the choices you make, the actions you take, and their consequences in the long run. Would it benefit you? Or them? Learn to be assertive! Talk to someone whom you can trust with respect to your teenage peer pressure problems. You can learn how to deal with peer pressure during teenage years and live a happy and healthy life.

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