DIY Alert: Birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

Looking for the best birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend? Take a look at these smart DIY gift ideas for your boyfriend. 

It’s the time of the year when you are the most excited! Why? No, it isn’t your birthday but your partner’s birthday. We, girls, are girls after all and would do anything and everything possible to make our special someone feel extra special on his birthday. Why burn a hole in your pocket splurging on expensive gifts when you can get creative and weave beautiful memories. Take him off guard and let him know how you feel about him by working on these smart gift ideas for men.

Write a poem


If you are the type of person who loves expressing through written words, then writing a poem can be an ideal gifting solution for you. In case, you are not into writing poems, why not attempt to pen down your emotions. Even if it does not rhyme, it doesn’t matter. The emotions you portray in the form of words can describe how much you love him and all that you love about him. It’s one of the best gifting ideas for your boyfriend that can get him impressed.

A CD mix


Is he a music lover? What gets him grooving hip-hop, heavy metal, rock or maybe even country? Make a music CD compilation of his favorite songs. Wrap it in a decorative case.

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The wishing jar


There may be multiple things that you both may have wished. Make chits of all his favorite memories or sweet sayings. Get wild and naughty and note down a few of his wishes and put them in the jar. Let him read them out every morning before heading for work.

Treasure hunt

giftideas_haleyproductionscomIndulge in a game of treasure hunt. There is nothing more exciting than planning a treasure hunt of your favorite gifts. Place one clue in a spot where he would find it in the morning. The clue he finds there would lead him to the next clue. Ultimately, the chain of clues will help him will the hidden treasure. This trick always works as one of the birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Call his friends over

callhisfriends_redbookmagcomIs his the extrovert or social friendly kind-of-a-guy? Give him the best surprise of his life. Secretly invite all his friends over. Who wouldn’t want to party hard when it’s a surprise bash? Watch him astonished when everyone screams out ‘Happy Birthday’ while he walks through the door.

Bake him a cake and Cook his favorite meal

baking_sheknowscomThe way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Maybe the one who created this phrase knew that it is 100 percent true, and every woman can impress her man with her culinary skills. So, if you are a good cook, lucky you! If you aren’t, take a little trouble to check out some recipes of his favorite dishes. Watch him lick his fingers while he gushes about your cooking. Bake him a delicious cake that will leave him with sweet memories.

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Fortune cookies

Fortune-Cookies_fortunekeepercomSpread the cheer and positivity around with a freshly baked batch of fortune cookies. Watch him savor the taste of the creamy and delicious cookies. Design ones with lovely quotes and thoughts that will make him feel proud to be yours.

Engraved ring

engravedrings_walmartcomHe may not be a ring person or perhaps not even fond of jewelry. Give him every reason to feel loved and made special. Rather than getting him an ordinary ring, get one engraved with your names. It serves as a unique gift idea for your boyfriend on his birthday.

So, don’t hold on to your horses. Think out of the box. Get a bit creative and show how your love has no limits with these special birthday gift ideas for boyfriend.

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Merlin Diaz said :Guest Report 2 years ago

This is a great DIY. Will surely try the songs mix CD. My boyfriend loves songs so I am sure this would be a perfect gift :)

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