7 magical birthday ideas for boyfriend

birthday ideas for boyfriend

Bored of giving the same old gifts to your special person? Check out these romantic birthday ideas for boyfriend. Find out how are they ideal for him.

Are you hunting for unique birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend? Want to buy affordable, classy popular items for boyfriend gift? Probably you are already running out of birthday ideas for boyfriend. To stay on the safe side, you have used all the possible conventional methods. Your love will never admit it because he doesn’t want to hurt you. But as a loving and caring partner, you would want him to get the best birthday gift ever. Buying birthday presents for boyfriends can be quite stressful for us girls. After all we want to make our guy feel extraordinary on his special day, isn’t it? While different people will advise you various birthday gift ideas for men, you need to be wise enough to choose only those that suit him and would take him by surprise. While you may think of the best birthday gifts for boyfriend, you need to know that surprises are essential. They make the occasion thrilling and exciting. Read further to discover how you can shortlist incredible birthday ideas for boyfriend and create memories that he will cherish for years to come.

1. Bring to life all his memories through a photo collarge

Show that you care not for him but for his world. That is for the people who surround him. For those whom he cares about. When we think of a creating handmade gift for boyfriend, we usually think of a collarge. But, how can you make it unique? How do you give a magical touch to your collarge that would leave him astonished and say, “Girl, you are amazing!” Well for that, you can try creating a collarge of all memories with you, his best friends, and family members. It could be your dating pictures, childhood picture with his parents and siblings or it could be even ones during a wild boy’s night out with his homies. Such memories that are untouched and unexplored can make his heart melt. You can take help from his family and friends to gather photographs. If you are wondering what to gift him on his birthday? Start picture-hunting! It serves as the best birthday ideas for boyfriend.

Best Birthday Gifts for the Boyfriend

2. Make a speech

Does he keep asking you what you love the most about him? Or perhaps he wants to know why you are deeply in love with him. It could have happened that you may have never had the opportunity to tell him. So, do it right now. Write down all the possible things that make him lovable and why you fell for him. Also add a couple of memories in your speech. Announce the speech suddenly during the middle of the party or in front of a crowd of people. He surely won’t see that coming and will be on cloud nine. This works among the best unique birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend.

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birthday ideas for boyfriend

3. Sing a song and learn to play an instrument

If you are a good singer, bingo! If not, you could take a little extra effort in practicing a song and muster the courage of singing a dedicated song to him while you both are dining in a restaurant. If he loves music, you won’t find better birthday ideas for boyfriend than this. Just make sure you practice well and sing good enough. (If you are a terrible singer, then avoid this surprise, it could make him embarrassed in front of the crowd.)

birthday gifting ideas for him

4. The place your first met him

You may have gone to various places for dates and won’t remember all the places. It is normal not to remember all the places and no one would expect you to recall each and every place. But, one place that you would never forget is the where you both first met. Now if you are thinking of driving him crazy with birthday ideas for boyfriend, then you can’t miss out on this idea. So, what do you do? How can you surprise him? What is the plan? It’s simple! Blindfold him and take him to the place you first met. Recall and revive all the memories. It is surely the best birthday present for your man.

most romantic birthday ideas for boyfriend

5. A note fish pond

Well you may have had a blast playing the fish pond game at school, college, or office. But, what if we tell you that you can do the same with you man as a unique birthday ideas for boyfriend. Confused? No need to be. Just as you asked his loved ones for a little help with the photos in the collarge idea, similarly you need them to cooperate with you on this one too. Ask his parents, siblings, relatives, and friends to write down notes about him. It could be heartfelt emotions, memories, or what they admire in him. It could be anything that they wish to express. You have to then gather all their notes including yours and make sure none of them are anonymous unlike the original fish pond game. Take all the notes and hide it in a place where he spends maximum time. It could be his room, bag, closet, bed. Imagine his face light up when he reads them. He could even get nostalgic, emotional, or crack up reading them. This creative handmade gift for boyfriend is sure to give him goosebumps. These birthday presents for boyfriend have to be tried.

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birthday gifts for boyfriend

6. Naughty fun birthday ideas for boyfriend

Maybe a simple text message isn’t enough to spice up things. Why should you be afraid from trying unconventional methods? To heat up things between the two of you, bring out the naughty romantic side in you. Make his birthday a day he will never forget. You can get creatively obnoxious with these naughty birthday ideas for boyfriend. Dress yourself with naughty and sexy outfits or try the chocolate sauce and handcuff thing. It all boils down to your level of craziness and naughtiness.

creative birthday gift surprises for boyfriend

7. His favorite movie theme

You may be all set with the most romantic birthday gifts for your man. But, what about the party? Have you thought of a theme as yet? How about setting up a movie theme for his birthday bash? These birthday ideas for boyfriend never die. Settle down on a particular place and decorate it in the theme of his favorite movie. So if his favorite film is avengers, ask his family, friends, and relatives to dress up in costumes of characters such as ironman, hulk, captain America, etc. The moment he enters the party, you can see his jaw-drop for sure. Everyone can then shower him with presents.

birthday ideas for boyfriend

Creating special memories takes thorough planning and execution. This birthday, show him how much you love him by pampering with unique birthday gifts for boyfriend. After all, it is a day that arrives just once a year and you can certainly make it memorable. Try these unique birthday ideas for boyfriend and you are surely going to see him at his happiest.

How were these ideas? Did they excite you? Did they manage to leave you thinking and excited? If yes then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have other unique ideas, do share them with us and we will let the world you about every creative handmade gift for boyfriend.

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