10 DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend: Creative and romantic

DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend

Want to take him by surprise? Express your feelings for him in a more special way with DIY valentine gifts for boyfriend. Check out these epic V-Day gift ideas.

It is the most romantic season of the year! It is the time of the year where you can get one more special day to give your relationship the much-needed boost. Now, some may argue that you love your partner 365 days of the year. And you would love to give him the best DIY gift on his birthday. So, what is the need to do something special for just one day that is Valentine’s Day? So, think of how you would want to have special days like birthdays and anniversaries, similarly, Valentine’s Day is one day in the year that is celebrated as a tribute to all lovers. It is that one day where along with the entire world, you and your partner jubiliate having stood strong by each other through all ups and downs in life. Be it your first valentine day or the 50th one, here are some ways you can surprise your man by giving him creative DIY gifts. Something that is unique and not available at local stores. Take a look at these DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend.

DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend

Let’s take a look at the top 10 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him

1. Valentine’s Day Beer labels

DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend

DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend are incomplete without a pint of beer! Maybe he doesn’t appreciate mushy gifts as it makes him feel less manly. So, what do you do? Throw in a little mush in the mostly creative and subtle way. Make this attractive and flashy Beer labels that not only grabs the eye but also retains the whole essence of love. So, each time he sips chilled beer, he can read the heartfelt note written on the label.

2. Love Potion Kit

DIY valentine gifts for husband

How about getting naughty and nice this Valentine’s Day? How about giving a twist of erotism to your DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend? Throw him a surprise and check out the ecstatic look on his face when you give him the love potion kit. All, you need to do is create an attractive and eye-catchy label and stick it to a plain bottle of mixed strawberry crush juice. The deep red color of the juice is sinful and delicious. So, let your imagination run wild with every sip that you both take.

3. A DIY labeled jar of nuts

DIY valentine gifts for boyfriend

Is he a fitness-freak? And does he love eating nuts? Then you have got the perfect DIY gift for him. Take a jar filled with nuts. And give him a sweet message label on the jar like “Still NUTS about you”. This is sure to give him goosebumps and feel equally crazy about you.

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4. Hourly gift envelopes

DIy valentine gifts for boyfriend

So, you at totally confused what to gift him? Too many DIY gifts for boyfriend among which you want to choose the best? There may be multiple options in your mind but you are finding it hard to pin down to one particular gift. So, why not have a 12 hour gift session. This will surely be crazy and exciting. Create 12 different handmade envelopes with crafted labels of a particular time. So for example you can have Open me at 9.12 am, Open me at 10.12 am, Open me at 11.12 am, Open me at 12.12 am, and so on. A 9am to 9 pm gift is going to make him super happy, which ultimately is going to make you the happiest woman alive. What are you waiting for? Start preparing for the gift marathon!

5. Geeky Tablet sleeve

diy valentine's day gifts for him

If you are ready to invest some time and effort in creating something special for your geeky man, then you are have landed on the right page. Just like you would think of magical gift ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday, similarly you can do the same for Valentine’s Day. This is the right DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend. And if he is a hygiene freak then he definitely would be cautious of keeping his devices clean. So, why not prepare a tablet sleeve made of your sweetheart’s old sweater and a pillowcase. It would not only protect the tablet but also remove smudges due to the soft lining of the pillowcase.

6. Photo pillows

DIY valentine gifts for my boyfriend

How about him cuddling to one of your fondest memories while he sleeps at night? That’s the pillow case? So, you can actually have a cherishing picture of the two of you and digitally print it on to a pillow case. It could be a special photograph of the two of you that will give him a sense of nostalgia each time he sees it. Perhaps, it could be your first date experience with him. This idea also works well if you are planning DIY Valentine gifts for husband.

7. Personalized candy wraps

DIY valentine gifts for boyfriend

Now there surely must be some guys with a sweet tooth. Their love for chocolates can be taken to another level altogether with this particular idea in this list of DIY gifts for boyfriend online. Create wrappers and labels with safe sketch pens and edible fondue pens. You can also have labels digitally printed as per the size of the chocolate. Among DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend, the ‘BE MINE’ candy box is most popular.

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8. Homemade cupcakes

DIY valentine gifts for boyfriend

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If that’s the case with your foodie guy, he surely would be licking his fingers off with these delicious homemade cupcakes. Food as DIY valentine gifts for boyfriend always works. The heart-shaped cupcakes would show him how much you love him and care for his sweet cravings.

9. Scrabble love

DIY valentine gifts for him

If you both enjoying playing scrabble, then this is among the best DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend. Decorate a few scrabble pieces in such a way that they form a meaningful and romantic message. Get it stuck on to a cardboard, decorate it well enough and photoframe it. So, regardless of whoever wins the game, each time he sees the photframed scrabble gift up on the wall, it will surely melt his heart away.

10. Secret message in a bottle

DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend

Perhaps there are some things that you love the most about him and he doesn’t know yet. So, spill the beans in the most secretive way. Write your messages on chits in such a way that he has to decode them before it becomes clear. It is always fun to give DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend that are creative and exciting. Try this one cause it is surely something you haven’t tried before.

So, did you enjoy reading this post on DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend? Are you all excited and charged up to give him the biggest romantic surprise of the year. Well, go ahead and just take his breath away.

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2 Comments on 10 DIY Valentine gifts for boyfriend: Creative and romantic

Alissa Gomez said :Guest Report one year ago

This was creative and very exciting! I loved all the ideas especially the photo pillow! Now, how cute is that one! Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I would surely try this one for my love.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    Harison Wood said :Guest Report one year ago

    I am looking forward to having my first Valentine's date with my BF. We will be completing our first year next week. Would love to try out the chocolate and photo pillow thing. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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