3 essential steps on how to propose a guy

Are you tired of looking for a guy? How can you make a man love you? Chuck all the society rules and learn how to propose a guy indirectly or directly.

Do you have a crush on a friend or someone you just met? How to propose a guy? How long do you plan to hold back your feelings? How to propose to your friend? How to tell a guy that you like him? In what way can you tell him how you feel for him? How to propose a boy? What are the best ways to propose a guy? How to tell if a guy likes or loves you? It’s the 21st century, so chuck the age-old society rules and norms that are followed. Don’t wait for him to approach and propose to you. You must be thinking how to ask a guy out on a date? Sometimes men are either shy of expressing their feelings while some are afraid of facing rejection and heartbreaks. After all, they too are humans with emotions. Don’t worry, you can be a brave heart and learn these romantic and creative ways to propose to the love of your life. Check out these proven techniques that teach you the best way to propose your ‘prince charming.’ Read further to know how to propose a guy.

Right place

Since guys can sometimes be sentimental, you need to respect the fact that he needs to be proposed as per her personality. How to propose a guy keeping his nature in mind? Even if he is an outgoing person with an extrovert nature, you need to avoid choosing public places that can put both of you in an awkward situation. Among the many tips for proposing a man, the location plays a vital role. Shopping malls, theaters, and coffee shops aren’t the right place to propose to men as they can hurt a male ego especially if people are watching. If you are thinking how to get a boyfriend to propose then, you need first to learn how to tell him what you feel for him. Choose a place that ensures privacy as men like such moments of romance to be in quiet places such as gardens or beaches. Such places are perfect. It always teaches you a great way on how to propose a guy.

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Right time

Try to understand the situation. Find out how things are currently moving on in his life. Check if he is emotionally stable and free from any worries. Choosing the right time is something you cannot miss. Apart from Valentine’s Day, you may pick up any other significant days such as his birthday or New Year’s Eve. Or any other joyous occasion to let him know that you love him, and that is an important secret of how to propose a guy.


Right memories

If you have feelings, make sure you create a beautiful path and make way for them rather than hiding them in the bottom of your heart. Whether you wish to learn how to propose to a guy indirectly or directly, you need to keep in mind one of the most crucial things, and that is emotions! Express it in such a way that the fond memories will flood your heart and will go down in history. And even years later you both will cherish the moment forever. The proposal should be romantic and true to your heart. A yes or no will always depend on the way you propose.


Whether you are thinking of how to propose a man for marriage or just as a boyfriend, it all depends on these three factors and that will never change. Women sometimes wonder if it right or wrong to propose a guy? But, what is the harm if you are the one who is taking the initiative on how to propose a guy? People are astonished to hear stories of girls proposing guys. Though it may be far from fairy tale version of it, it should still be respected for girl expressed her heartfelt emotions to the man of her dreams.

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t suppress your feelings anymore. Go and tell him how much you love him. Now, that you know how to propose to a guy, bend the stereotypes and pour out your heartfelt emotions to him.

Did you make the first move? Do let us know your experience. Also, tell us what you think of this post. If you know of any other methods on how to propose a guy, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Till then love the feeling of being in love! 

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