The best vegetarian diet during pregnancy

Do you want to know what vegetarian foods are healthy during pregnancy? Take a look at this best vegetarian diet during pregnancy and learn how you can use it.

Motherhood is the phase that every woman cherishes. Your joy knows no bounds as soon as you discover that you are soon going to be a mother. There on, you plan your every little step to make sure you are not just taking of yourself but also your soon-to-be born one. When it comes to food, every member in the family makes sure you are consuming the right foods in an adequate quantity. But, what if you are a vegetarian? What vegetarian foods are good for pregnancy? Women often wonder if a vegetarian diet can provide the necessary nutrients to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Don’t worry! Both you and your baby can get plenty of nutrition from a veg diet. Read further to find out which vegetarian diet should you consume during pregnancy. Find out which is the best vegetarian diet during pregnancy.

You can fulfil you protein intake by consuming cow’s milk or soy milk. Other good vegetarian sources include whole grains, beans, cheese, tofu, and yogurt. Omega-3 fatty acids (which play an important role in your baby’s brain and vision development), zinc, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate, and calcium are essential healthy vegetarian foods for pregnancy. Most of these essentials are easy enough to find in vegetarian foods (and even vegan foods, which contain no animal products at all, not even eggs or milk). Omega-3s may be an exception, though.

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Omega-3s from foods like flax seed, walnuts, kidney and pinto beans, squash, canola oil, broccoli, dark leafy green vegetables, cauliflower, and papaya. In addition, some brands of eggs, milk, soy beverages, orange juice, yogurt, bread, cereal, and margarine are fortified with algae-based (vegetarian) omega-3 DHA – check the labels.

Four servings of cooked dried beans and peas, because they’re full of zinc, iron, and protein. A few nuts and seeds can also be added. Eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables, because they’re full of antioxidants and are healthy foods for pregnancy. Six to 11 servings of whole grains, including foods such as brown rice, oatmeal, and whole wheat bread.

Make sure you include this vegetarian diet for pregnancy and stay healthy throughout the 9 months and even after that. After all when it comes to your little one, there is no compromise, right?


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