4 rhymes that cheer up your children

rhymes that cheer up your children

Are you among those dotting mothers who loves surprising their child with happiness? Watch ChuChu TV give you rhymes that cheer up your children.

Pre-schooling is an innocent, joyful, and free-spirited phase of every person’s life. It is an age where young minds are being shaped and nurtured to learn and adapt to new things. I am sure most of you would agree to us that it is good to sing rhymes that cheer up your children. It gives them immense joy and excitement! Sometimes as mothers, when we recite rhymes to our kids, we deal with a throwback and remember our good old days.

It recently occurred to me as well when my 2-year-old nephew was dancing and jumping while watching nursery rhyme videos. I was curious to know what made him jump with glee. Was it just the jingle of the rhyme or something about the video? I realize it was ChuChu TV!

The ChuChu TV, is one such medium that belts out exciting animated performance of the popular nursery rhymes. The ChuChu TV has gone a step closer by trying to instil creativity and uniqueness in their videos.

Out of all their rhymes, we have short-listed 4 rhymes that cheer up children while educating them. Take a look! 🙂

1. Humpty Dumpty

While everyone knows that Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall and had a fall. No matter how hard the king’s horses and men tried to put him together again, they failed at it. But, in ChuChu TV’s version of Humpty Dumpty, they have given a creative twist by adding a showing animated version of the character undergoing the same things and then warning that no he regrets his mistake and warns that no one including children should ever sit on walls again. Your kids won’t ever feel sad watching this version of Humpty Dumpty as in the end he is fixed and lives a happy and does not do anything risky again.

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2. Johnny Johnny

The classic favorite that is on the tongue of every little kid. In fact, even a grown up adult will never be able to forget this one till old age. Chu Chu TV has added colorful animated characters who love playing around. In this case, the sugar is replaced with mud. Little Johnny loves playing in the mud and is caught by his papa. The base story stays the same. But, the essence of a father-child relationship is portrayed in this one!

3. Old Macdonald had a farm

We all love old Macdonald. The kids love him too! ChuChu TV has given us a new version of this song but retained the core essence. The animated characters are cute and hilarious. It will surely crack up your little angel. The graphics are unique in every video.

4. Baa Baa Black sheep

In this video, black, white, and brown sheep are a part of the scenario. They all offer their wool happily and selflessly. These are teachings that as parents you would want your child to implement. ChuChu TV’s version of this video explains the same with a joyful rhyme that explains the story of the sheep and tells children how sharing can make them super happy in life because life is about caring, loving, and sharing.

I am sure reading this post on 4 rhymes that cheer up your children may have given you deep nostalgia. You may feel like a child all over again that’s because deep within our hearts we are still children. Our minds and bodies have matured but a part of us is still a child and we realize this only when we are in the company of little ones.

Parenting brings altogether new challenges but for the sake of our little ones we are willing to do our best towards giving them a good life. We work towards providing them with valuable teachings that not only educate them but develop better hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and cognitive learning.

So, go ahead and experience the magic of ChuChu TV come alive with your kids. 🙂

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You can visit their ChuChu TV’s Facebook page too for more updates!

Also, watch one of the exciting nursery rhyme videos of ChuChu TV below:

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