10 Foods You Should Not Eat While You Are Pregnant

foods you should not eat while you are pregnant

What are the foods you should not eat while you are pregnant? Why do you need to avoid them? Find out crucial details on foods to be avoided during pregnancy.

Earlier we had posted a great article on best food to increase lactation. Today we’ll see yet another important article on what food to avoid during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is that beautiful phase in any woman’s life. She is no longer single but with a body with two lives! It is the time when a woman faces too many mood swings and food cravings. It keeps on changing occasionally. Doctors suggest every pregnant woman never to keep their stomach empty. They should eat something to prevent gastric and other related problems that is very much common during pregnancy.

Though a pregnant woman is advised with tons of advice on how to handle the pregnancy, a lot of confusions pop up in the mind of an expecting mother. The more concern will be about food. This time, any expectant mother will have cravings for various types of foods, which she is not sure about eating. An expert advice is what she will need at this time to avoid any confusion and to keep a note of what she should eat and what needs to be avoided. Here is a list of 10 foods you should not eat while you are pregnant.

foods you should not eat while you are pregnantNow, let’s read about them in detail!

1. Street Foods

Hygiene is very much necessary during the time of pregnancy. Any infection can affect the growth of the baby. An expecting mother might get cravings for some street foods that are sure yum! But, they should avoid all of them as they are less hygienic and can cause infection.

2. Raw Vegetables & Sprouts

Vegetables and sprouts are indeed very healthy foods. But, consuming them raw is not a good idea during pregnancy. As you all know, the vegetables that we get these days are infected with a lot of fertilizers and even though we wash them, it will still have a little amount of all those deadly insecticides and pesticides. This can cause infection and can even damage your fetus.

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Peel vegetables before eating. Try to eat only cooked veggies this time. Prefer eating organic vegetables. Avoid any leafy vegetable. Use relevant BazaarCart coupon to get discounts and also get a free home delivery!

3. Alcohol

Many people say that there is no harm in consuming alcohol in a balanced way even while you are pregnant. But, it is not true. It is best to avoid any alcohol entirely while you are expecting. It can affect the development of the foetus.

4. Raw/Uncooked Eggs & Meat

Completely avoid raw or uncooked eggs or meat. Make sure that the meat is thoroughly washed and cleaned and that the eggs/meat are well cooked before eating. Eating them uncooked can inhibit the growth of parasites in your stomach, and it might affect the growth of your baby. It is definitely among the foods you should not eat while you are pregnant.

5. Leftovers

Women usually have the habit of eating the leftovers. It is because they do not want to waste food. But, if you are a pregnant woman, you should stop this habit. Leftovers are refrigerated and is eaten the next day by making it hot. It is not a right process to follow by an expecting mother. Any food, even though stored in the refrigerator, have huge chances of getting a bacterial infection. So, it is better to avoid any unhealthy food consumption during the time of pregnancy to prevent any complications.

6. Canned Foods

Pregnant women should eat only freshly prepared foods. They should even avoid eating any canned foods. They might be having some preservatives that might not be doing good for your baby and its development. Remember they are canned food that can store for a longer period and it is advised not for consumption by pregnant ladies. Avoid canned foods as they are some of the foods you should not eat while you are pregnant.

You can have health supplements that help you to build immunity to any infection during pregnancy. HealthKart Offers will get you the products at discounts!

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7. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners if consumed by a conceived woman, she is indirectly letting her growing foetus have the same. Consuming anything artificial at the time of pregnancy will not do any good to your baby. Replace it with natural sweeteners and that too in moderate quantity. Amazon India offers discounts on products. Use relevant Amazon coupons to enjoy discounts.

8. Unpasteurized Milk, Cheese

Unpasteurized milk and cheese are also some foods you should not eat while you are pregnant. Consume milk only after boiling it. Eating unpasteurized soft cheese may lead to miscarriage or some birth defects. Pregnant women should keep away from them. Eat hard cheese and make sure that the cheese is made from pasteurised milk.

9. Caffeine

Caffeine is not harmful during pregnancy if consumed in moderate quantities. The problem due to overconsumption of Caffeine leads to an underweight newborn and sometimes even causes abortions. So it is better to avoid caffeine or if you are so eager to have it, then consume it moderately.

10. Some Varieties of Fish

Fish is a great source of protein and is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. But, you cannot eat all fish types while pregnant. You need to avoid certain fishes that might affect your baby inside the womb. Avoid fish that contains Mercury, are smoked and those that are undercooked.

Make sure you follow the above tips on foods you should not eat while you are pregnant. Have a happy, healthy, and glowing pregnancy! Happy Motherhood! 🙂

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