Reviewing the best cystic acne treatment

cystic acne treatment reivew

Want to know how to get rid of cystic acne? Are you tired of suffering from painful pimples? Check out the review of the best cystic acne treatment.

A couple of weeks before we discussed the various home remedies for cystic acne. So, here we are once again to bring to you more important facts about this medical condition. Also, read further to know our cystic acne treatment review. Find out which cystic acne treatment is effective and suitable for your skin type. Also, check out our additional skin care tips and review of the best cystic acne treatment to cure pimples.

Facts of cystic acne

  • Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne.
  • It is relatively uncommon
  • Cystic acne is not caused by chocolate, nuts or greasy foods, nor by poor hygiene or masturbation
  • Such acne painful, as well as emotionally distressing because of its effects on facial appearance
  • It is easy to diagnose and does not require any special tests
  • Hormonal change in puberty is the major cause, but the problem is also experienced by older age groups
  • Self-care tips are helpful in ensuring acne, including cystic acne, is not made worse

cystic acne treatment

What are the types of cystic acne treatment?

When we talk about pimples, we usually think of using natural kitchen ingredients. But a cystic acne treatment can be very severe and may require professional help. It is true that they are beneficial but at times, they alone aren’t enough to heal the skin completely. Treatment of severe, cystic acne requires the help of a specialist doctor along with some self-care measures. Drug treatment is effective at preventing cysts and scarring

Whereas mild or moderate acne can be managed at home or perhaps with a little help from your family physician, severe acne that is characterized by nodules and cysts develop a major risk of scarring (or already shows signs of scarring) may need referral to a specialist. A reason for this is because the main drug treatment is controlled. So, what is our cystic acne treatment review? Which are the products that we suggest? Read ahead to find out.

Which is the ideal cystic acne treatment for you?

Here are some of the methods and medications which you can follow with the recommendation and approval of your doctor.

Benzoyl peroxide

This cystic acne treatment is best available to anyone with acne of any severity. In fact, it is a treatment option for those suffering from severe acne and who are awaiting specialist treatment. This chemical component is available directly from pharmacies over the counter (without prescription) in a number of formulations such as creams, lotions, and other forms of topical medication that may be applied to the skin. It has been a mainstay in the treatment of acne for over 50 years, and works by killing bacteria, particularly P. acnes,. On further research, it has been found that water-based and alcohol-based formulations of benzoyl peroxide are available, and the most appropriate form depends on skin type. Alcohol-based preparations have a drying effect, making these more suitable for people with oily skin. Benzoyl peroxide products, which include creams and gels, cleansing liquids and bars, lotions, are used once or twice a day. The most common side-effect is skin irritation in some cases and allergies occur rarely. So, you can feel free to use it.

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cystic acne treatment

Pros: The results too are quite quick varying from case to case. It is suitable for all skin types.

Cons: mild stinging or burning, itching or tingly feeling; skin dryness, peeling, or flaking; redness or other irritation can occur in some cases.

But overall, if you are looking for a good cystic acne treatment without major side effects, turn to topical medications that contain benzoyl peroxide and see the difference in few weeks. In fact, in this cystic acne treatment review, we highly recommend you to use topical creams containing benzoyl peroxide after you get the green signal from your doc. In our review, we found that Claror Acne Treatment cream is very effective and also gentle for the skin. The Urban Lady readers can get the product at a discounted price at this Amazon Store Link.

Oral Medication

Thinking of the best cystic acne treatment for you? Pop the right oral pills to say goodbye to painful zits. There are chances that your doctor may also recommend oral medications to treat more severe acne. As mentioned earlier, the intensity of the condition determines the method of treatment as well as the speed with which a person’s condition is treated. If you have excessively oily skin, it may take longer time to heal as compared to people with dry skin. But, you can stay stress-free. Certain over-the-counter antibiotics assist in killing infection-causing bacteria, like Zithromax, Doryx, and Bactrin. In severe cases, doctors may prescribe Accutane, a powerful oral medication that decreases the amount of oil that your sebaceous glands produce.

cystic acne treatment review

Pros: Oral medications directly interact with your blood and hormones to heal swollen sebaceous glands.

Cons: Some of these medications can result in side effects such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, and skin inflammation. So be careful before choosing and consuming them.

We believe that using these oral medicines is a method you can surely opt for but only after you consult your doctor. In this cystic acne treatment review, we would recommend you to consume them by following the right instructions given by your doctor. But, to stay on the safer side, it is always better to start off with topical medications.

Birth Control Pills

What? Yes, this must have certainly caught your eye? And you must be surely wondering what has birth control pills got to do with cystic acne treatment? But, according to scientific research, it has been investigated that if you get cystic pimples often, birth control pills may help.

birth control pills for cystic acne treatment

Pros: The logical reason behind using birth control pills is that certain types of hormones found in them increases estrogens and helps regulate breakout-causing hormones and are proven to improve acne.

Cons: Certain side effects such as weight gain, vomiting, diarrhea, spotting, and irregular menstruation.

But, as per our cystic acne treatment review, we would suggest you to consult your doctor to learn which tablets are right for you. You can consume these pills for a certain duration as per the directions given to you by your skin care specialist.

Skin-Clearing Diet

How to get rid of cystic acne? A healthy diet will never fail to disappoint you. This is what we found out while preparing this cystic acne treatment review for you. No matter how many times this may be repeated, you need to read it once more. The foods you eat directly affect your body and determine your health and well-being. A healthy diet won’t necessarily make your acne disappear or guarantee a no-return, but fueling up on key vitamins and nutrients can surely boost your immune system so that it is ready to battle illnesses and pimple-causing bacteria. Make sure you eat one serving daily of foods with vitamin B6. This could be one banana or a bowl of whole-grain cereal to help regulate hormone levels. You can even try beta-carotene in the form of two medium carrots to give skin a smoother texture. It works as a natural cystic acne treatment.

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how to get rid of cystic acne

Pros: Since they are natural they help regulate the body and provide adequate nutrition

Cons: Slow treatment. Beware of food allergies.

Hormone Therapy

If the medical condition is something related to your hormones, how can we miss out on hormone therapy in this cystic acne treatment review for you? While some women find a constant over production of androgens (hormones that produce male traits) being the chief culprit for causing cystic acne, studies also show likewise.

cystic acne treatment

Pros: Research proves that drugs which block the production of androgens can be incredibly beneficial.

Cons: The drawback is that these prescription drugs are not packed without side effects. Altering your hormone is equal to going against mothernature and toying with the way your body functions. To reduce side effects, anti-androgen medications such as spironolactone are generally prescribed in low dosages.

Cortisone Shot

If you are a person who hates needles and injections, stay away from this one. But, is not then you surely know how to get the best cystic acne treatment by using cortisone shots. So, in this cystic acne treatment review, we tell you how to eliminate pimples and get clear skin. If you spot painful pimples right before a big event, like prom, family function, or homecoming, and perhaps an ice pack or steaming isn’t helping, don’t panic. See your doctor to have him inject the pimple with cortisone. This is a type of steroid that reduces inflammation under the pores of your skin and shrinks inflammation and swelling around the infection. You will notice that within six hours the pimple should be gone.

cystic acne treatment
Three hypodermic syringes, close up

Pros: faster treatment and progress

Cons: painful, inflammation, itchiness, burning, reddish skin.

We believe that however bad your condition may be you can always, look back upon this treatment method to cure your cystic acne and painful pimples. Though this method is risky, we are still listing it in our cystic acne treatment review as it does work wonders in effectively eliminating pimples.

How to get rid of cystic acne using the best expert methods? Make use of these cystic acne treatment procedures given above. Follow them daily or as per your doctor’s advice to see visible results soon.

Did you try any of these cystic acne treatment above? How has your experience been? What are your opinions on this cystic acne treatment review? Are you eager to try them out? Do share it with us in the comment section below.

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