Is honey good for your face? Unlock the truth!

is honey good for your face

Is honey good for your face? What are the miraculous benefits of honey? Find out how is honey good for your face and what makes it an awesome skin care remedy.

Do you want skin with a hint of dewy glow? Are you among those women who desire acne-free skin? Are your scars, blemishes, wrinkles, freckles, and dark circles bothering you? There is only one remedy that tackles all these skin care worries. The word is HONEY! Yes, honey! It’s HONEY! This naturally sweet and delightful ingredient is a precious gift of life. You need to make it your new BFF. That’s true! Straight from the arms of Mother Nature, comes the wholesome goodness of honey. (Even the bears are crazy about it!! :P) So, is honey good for your face? Can it do the impossible of making your face flawless and spotless? Well, you need to read ahead to find out, is honey good for your face?

Is honey good for your face? (How does it matter, HONEY?)

Honey is a healthy sweetener. Agreed. But, why should you bother applying it to your face? Is honey good for your face? Enriched with nutrients and antioxidants, honey can fight bacteria, dead skin cells, and anti-aging cells, thus moisturizing it.

Swap your face wash with honey

This just sounds hilarious but is indeed the most amazing thing in this world. If you could replace your astringent makeup remover with coconut oil or jojoba oil, then why not let go of those chemical laden face wash. I mean, even if your face wash contains organic and natural ingredients, you are giving yourself 100 percent guarantee with raw organic honey. So, how is honey good for your face? Take 2 tsps. of honey and smear it on your face. Massage it well in a circular motion like you would do with a normal face wash. And of course, since it is completely soap-free, no fear of red, burning, and runny eyes. (In fact, you can even taste a little of it that smudges near your lips :P) Wait for a good 10-20 minutes, and then rinse it off. And BOOM! An instant sparkling glow, you will see! You would like to touch it to believe it. So, go ahead, brush your fingers against the skin. I promise you, your skin would never have felt so soft before. Try this daily to get the glow 24 x 7.

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is honey good for your face

Experience the divinity of organic raw honey

Honey is good for the intestines and for controlling blood pressure. It also soothes dry cough and inflammation in throat. But, is honey good for your face? Yes, darling. It is cent percent lovable. Nothing beats pure and raw organic honey (We are talking about the ones bears would love to dig from the honey comb. Yup, literally!). If you manage to get this honey on your face, then you can expect incredible wonders. This is non-processed honey that does not undergo any refining or further purifying at manufacturing plants. They are directly taken out from the honey combs and put into bottles. It’s not that non-organic and refined honey lacks beneficial properties. It is just that raw and organic honey contains a larger volume of enzymes and antioxidants as compared to non-organic counterparts.

is honey good for your face

Get stress-free aka acne-free skin with pure honey

Women have to face so much in life. Stress is inevitable in such times. But, if you are stressed out and have an imbalanced life (diet + lack of sleep) your skin is sure to go for a toss. Understand the fact that what you feel on the inside is surely going to reflect on the outside. And your skin is most effected when you are stressed out. In such times, honey comes to the rescue. So, how is honey good for your face? Pure honey is rich in enzymes and has strong antifungal properties. It seeps deep inside the pores of the skin and kills the harmful bacteria to avoid chances of cystic acne. If there is a stubborn zit on your face that is causing a hindrance to your self-esteem while you go for an interview or go out on a date with someone special, then it is better to dab some honey straight on the pimple and skin around it. Remember that it can provide some rapid effect in terms of moisturization and healing the skin.

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is honey good for your face

Let honey do the disappearing trick to your scars and blemishes

Why can’t pimples take away their scars when they go? Why does every pimple leave behind a nasty blemish that takes weeks, months, or years to go away? Since they damage the skin cells from deep within the pores, it means you need to provide healing from deep within. Simply applying a normal face cream may just eradicate the pimple but not heal the scars with tender love and care. Ladies, please note that when you deal with scars and blemishes, you have to put in a little extra effort to ensure they fade gently without destructing the cells. Then how is honey good for your face? What is it about the honey that commands the existing scars to go away? So take 3 tsp honey along with a pinch of 1 tsp lemon juice and rub it between your fingers and carefully apply it to your blemishes in an even coating. Let it stay on for 30 minutes as a mask. Wash it off with cool water and fall in love with a glowing new you!

is honey good for your face

Now that you know the cruciality of applying honey on your face, we are sure it must have answered your query of is honey good for your face. So feel free and confident to use honey in the right amounts for your face. Get rid of skin problems in a jiffy with the magic of a pot of honey. Don’t be afraid, all my lovely urban ladies, go ahead and make the miraculous and simple honey your go-to-solution for all skin problems. 

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Sammy Wood said :Guest Report one year ago

Raw honey is one of my all time favorites. Since I am on a slimming diet, I make this a part of my daily breakfast. I have also recently started using honey for my daily face cleansing habit. Also, one more tip that readers can implement while using raw honey for face mask is using a gentle scrub so that the honey is able to get into deep pores.

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