What makes your eyelashes grow longer? Home remedies!

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Do you wish to know what makes your eyelashes grow longer? Dig into some classic home remedies for long eyelashes and find out what makes your eyelashes grow.

Shouting out to all you beauty fans – Do you secretly desire to flutter those delicate and gorgeous eyelashes? Yes, we all ladies do. Regardless of the shape, color and size of your eye, your lashes make you look attractive. Good news is that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket on expensive cosmetics or spend hours at the salon. What do we have in store for you? Exclusive home remedies to grow your lashes!

Right from how our lashes are prone to damage to what makes your eyelashes grow longer and home remedies – we have it all right here coming up in this post. Read ahead gals!

My eyelashes keep falling off regularly. What could be the reason?

Your lashes are pretty much like the hair on your scalp. If you can take good care of your hair, why should you ignore your lashes?

Perhaps, you haven’t been treating your lovely eyelashes well. Or you haven’t been pampering them enough. There is no one major particular reason for losing eyelashes. But, scientifically it falls off due to multiple reasons that we are going to discuss now. The most common ones being –

Natural eyelash loss

Just like your hair, you lashes fall off as well. Troublesome, isn’t it? Rubbing them hard or touching dirty hands to it can result in natural eyelash loss. At times, environmental factors such as change in weather, dust, and excessive pollution can lead to fall of lashes.

Alopecia Areata

For starters, Alopecia Areata is a disorder of the immune system that causes hair loss – sometimes, even all over your body including eyelashes and eyebrows. This can be topically or medically treated.

Allergy to cosmetics

We women LOVE makeup. Who doesn’t love atleast minimal makeup? Mascara is that one fancy tool that can enhance your eyes, giving an intense dramatic look for an evening do. But, like we all know, mascaras contain certain chemicals that can cause allergies. As much as possible, try keeping away from it, dearies. It is surely going to save you the trouble of losing your lashes.


Your thyroid glands control the hormonal functions of your body. Underactive or overactive glands can make the lashes cold, dry skin, and sparse, causing loss of eyelashes.

A routine care would not only make them look healthy and lustrous but also prevent them from falling often.

How long does it take to grow eyelashes?

Your eyelashes could take around 1-4 weeks to grow full-allegedly without any hassles. This is provided you nurture them well and take care of them just as you do with your hair.

What makes your eyelashes grow longer? Yup it’s magical home secrets

Are you ready to grow long and thick eyelashes? Here we go!

  1. Essential oils for growing eyelashes

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Does castor oil help eyelashes grow? Yes it does! Nothing beats simple, pure, and organic castor oil. It makes your lashes stronger and thicker helping them grow faster. You can apply some oil to a mascara brush and then gently wave it over your lashes. Leave it on overnight and gently rinse off next morning.

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Other essential oils that can be used are olive oil for eyelashes, coconut oil eyelashes, sweet almond oil, organic rosehip oil, argon oil, and sesame oil. Dab some oil on a cotton wool ball and apply. It moisturizes them right from the root to the tip, making them healthy.

2. The nourishing touch of – Vitamin E

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

What makes your eyelashes grow longer? A dose of Vitamin E! You probably knew its significance for treating blemishes and acne. But, did you know that it can help you grow long and thick eyelashes. All you need to do is purchase Vitamin E capsules and break open them. Gently apply it with a brush. As an alternative, you can also use Vitamin E oil available in a bottle rather than capsules. (Whichever one is feasible for you.

3. Green Tea and its magical properties

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Green tea is the first name that comes to your mind when we say – weight loss! But guess what? It also takes care of your skin problems. The powerful anti-oxidants present in green tea replenish and rejuvenate your skin cells thus stimulating the hair follicles and fostering growth. Boil green tea and have a cup daily. It cleanses your system from within. For external treatment, swipe some boiled-and-the-cooled-down green tea over your lashes. The flavonoids stimulate new growth.

4. The multi-purpose ingredient called – Aloe Vera

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

If you have a bad hair day, you know the ingredient you can trust. If you have skin problems, you can count on this one. Health issues and indigestion can be put to rest with it. We’re talking about, Aloe Vera. With a mascara wand, apply aloe vera gel to your lashes before your go to sleep. If you aren’t comfortable sleeping with it on, you can wash it off after an hour. The vitamins and nutrients present in it enhance growth of your lashes. The next time anyone asks you what makes your eyelashes grow. You can proudly say – Aloe Vera is what makes your eyelashes grow longer like it did to mine!

5. Remove make-up at night before going to bed

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

After we return home from a late night party, the first thing we would probably do is crash on the bed. You may not want to remove your makeup as you would feel tired and lazy. But, your laziness can prove to be costly.

 6. Don’t skip on a Healthy diet

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

A balanced diet promises more than just beautiful lashes. It assures you a healthy life. Fruits and leafy vegetables which are rich in minerals and vitamins are a must. Also, have a good intake of lean proteins – eggs, meat, fish, etc. Whole grains nourish the digestive system thus letting you grow dark hair.

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7. Brush your lashes just like you brush your hair

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Do you ever forget to brush your hair even for a single day? No, right? Your lashes too need brushing. Doing it regularly will clean out the dirt and dust particles that are a hindrance to the growth and this is what makes your eyelashes grow longer. Brushing stimulates the follicles, promoting long and thick eyelash growth.

You can buy the Lash Defining Comb by Lash Factory at an affordable price and use it everyday to brush your lashes.

8. Don’t rub them! Just let them be.

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Wondering how can rubbing damage your lashes? It’s because every time you rub your eyes, it pulls out the lashes. Remember that are super delicate. Even a slight pull can pluck them off within the fraction of a second. In fact, it could also cause premature ageing and fine lines. Do you really want to age that fast? Then just leave them alone, sweetheart.

9. Gently massage your eyelids

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

A body massage can stimulate your nerves and senses, making you feel relaxed while promoting muscle loosening and repair. Similarly, if you gently massage your eyelids in a circular motion, you would be able to notice a major change in the growth of your lashes. It helps stimulate hair follicles. Practice this technique once a day, religiously for around three weeks and see visible results within a week itself.

10. Trim your lashes once in a while

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Our body hair too faces split ends. Trimming your lashes carefully (1/4th) every once or twice a month can help them grow faster. Be extremely careful while trying this method.

11. Avoid wearing fake lashes as they can cause permanent damage

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Fake lashes seem like a temporary solution but can damage your lashes permanently. This quick-fix is a sure-shot method to ruin your natural lashes in the long run. When you take them off, you are likely to pull off some of your real lashes as well. Why take the risk when you know what makes your eyelashes grow longer?

12. Petroleum jelly is your new savior

what makes your eyelashes grow longer

Rich is hydrocarbons, petroleum jelly is the perfect moisturizer to your lashes. It nourishes them and helps in growth. Use your mascara wand to apply it to your lashes.

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