Coconut oil for face wrinkles: Get answers to the best FAQs

coconut oil for face wrinkles

Coconut oil for face wrinkles! What all do you need to know about it? Find out as experts answer all your questions related to coconut oil for face wrinkles.

Coconut oil for face wrinkles? Are we serious? Oh, we are damn serious! It may sound as an age old grandmother-passed-me-down secret. But, the truth is that it worked for our beautiful grannies and will work for us and our future generations. Forget all the advanced creams for wrinkles and fine lines. No, we don’t mean to disgrace any cosmetic or cream (Cause we LOVE make-up and branded cosmetics). But, all we are trying to say is that the more advanced your wrinkle cream, the more complicated are its ingredients, and worse could be its side effects (That was just a thought though!). So, what if we tell you that instead of putting your face at the risk of harsh chemicals present in it, you can give your face a taste of Mother Nature? How does that sound? You can surely give coconut oil a try. Celebrities swear by it and some gorgeous women (on the red carpet) have even revealed the secret to their youthful skin- the very humble coconut oil. Yes, they have claimed it to be their daily beauty fix. You can use coconut oil for face wrinkles, dark circle concealer, skin nourishing and moisturising agent, make-up remover, and many more things.

coconut oil for face wrinkles

After doing a thorough research on the web, we realized there are many women who have certain myths and concerns related to coconut oil as a beautifier. So, we decided to write this post keeping this in mind. Hence, we decided to address a few FAQs: Take a look at them, ladies.

Will I get pimples with coconut oil?

There are two types of coconut oil. One that is processed and used for cooking and one that is meant for beauty purposes (skin and hair). Make sure you choose the right coconut oil for face wrinkles. Scientifically speaking eating oily foods can lead to excess sebum production that causes acne breakouts. But applying organic coconut oil for face wrinkles works as an added bonus for you! So, don’t worry! Feel free to you coconut oil. It supposedly kills the bacteria that leads to acne. The major culprit- Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes)! It deeply embeds into the pores of the skin, melts dirt, and repairs skin damage faster than any other oil. Using it on the face does not cause coconut oil, so apply generously.

Should I use coconut oil if I am suffering from cystic acne?

It’s great that you know about cystic acne treatment! So, as you know cystic acne is a different condition altogether. People think it’s similar to acne. Truth is that they are diverse. Cystic acne refers to the more reddish, inflamed pimples that are massive in size. When they appear, they can make your life a living hell! Not just in terms of appearance, but also they also break your self-esteem apart from the ongoing pain. But, fortunately after through research, our team investigated that coconut oil for face wrinkles is advisable as it won’t agrevate cystic acne. In fact, this is equal to killing two birds with one stone. Coconut oil reduces wrinkles while its antioxidant properties destroys the bacteria causing pimples.

What are the properties of coconut oil?

There are so many who just like us are in LOVE with coconut oil for its incredible benefits. Are you one them? We’re sure as you would love it too! For those who man not be aware, the humble coconut oil is extracted from the kernels of the coconuts that are harvested from the coconut palms. It contains lauric acid, a type of saturated healthy fat that is good for the skin. It also comprises of caprylic and capric acid that is antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial in nature. The oil also boosts immunity system.

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Is it safe to apply coconut oil for face wrinkles?

Anti-aging of skin is inevitable! But, what is evitable is the age at which your skin ages! Do you know what we mean? If a woman is prone to signs of aging from 30+, it can pushed to 40+ with coconut oil. You may ask how that is possible. Coconut oil enhances collagen production. Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin cells tight avoiding elasticity of skin. This results in firmness of skin. It also boosts skin cells in the epidermis. As you age, skin dries leading to formation of creases. But with coconut oil for face wrinkles, you will notice that collagen becomes supple thus repairing damaged skin tissues.

Getting pure and organic coconut oil for your face is crucial if you want to have youthful skin. That is why, from Amazon we have handpicked the best-selling coconut oil products for you that not only nourishes your skin but also erases those nasty acne scars.

I read somewhere that coconut oil is more nourishing for hair, how beneficial is it for my skin?

Coconut oil is good for the body, hair, skin, intestines, joints, etc. That is why it is called as the versatile secret from the basket of Mother Nature. Coconut oil works miraculously for both skin and hair, so you can use it generously on your skin without any stress.

What is the method for applying coconut oil for face wrinkles?

Piece of cake! All you need to do is get pure organic coconut oil for face wrinkles. It has a non-greasy formula that keeps you looking refreshed while working on repairing collagen. Do not warm the oil! Just take two teaspoons of oil in a bowl. Rub it slightly between your palms. And using your fingertips, massage gently on your face. Around the eyes and then cheeks using an ‘8’ formation. Do not rub hardly but make sure the oil seeps into your skin. Try to feel the oil gently working up the production of collagen and if you got acne, then killing the bacteria as well.

How often should I use this treatment?

Ideally, you can use this treatment once a daily before going to bed at night. Try to avoid, wearing this during the day time. Because the coconut oil needs time to repair your cells while your body is at dormant position and when you are inactive. You can wash it off in the morning and apply a water-based or fruit-based moisturizer.

coconut oil for face wrinkles

What if I am allergic to coconut? Is there any alternative?

Coconut oil for face wrinkles may not seem to be a good option especially if you are allergic to coconut based products. At Urban Lady, we advise you to stay away from coconut oil. Avoid both in terms of topical application and internal consumption. If you are among those who have sensitive skin, then look away from coconut oil darling. But then we would want you to get the best of anti-aging. So, we recommend you to opt jojoba oil, baby oil, almond oil, or olive oil as alternatives.

Should I apply any sunblock or cosmetic after using coconut oil?

Nopes! Not suggested, unless you want to invite some nasty side effects to your face. Cosmetics contains additional chemicals that can react to coconut oil that is already in action deep inside your pores. The last thing you would want is chemical interaction happening on your skin. That is why, like we mentioned earlier the idea time to use coconut oil for reducing wrinkles would be at night.

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Is it safe to roam outdoors in the scorching heat after applying coconut oil?

Unless you wish to get fried like a bucket of crunchy roasted chicken, do not walk out after wearing coconut oil. Also, do not make the terrible mistake of combining coconut oil with a sunblock and then heading out on a sunny day. The sun may no longer happily shine on you!

Does coconut oil make face sticky and slimy?

Coconut oil is thick so it could make your skin feel heavier. But, depending on the brand of coconut oil you use, you will find it less sticky and slimy. The best non-sticky coconut oils simply seeps into your skin cells and works on reducing fine lines. It can also be used for nourishing the skin of your whole body. If you are someone who would love to use coconut oil while bathing then note that it is perfect for cleansing and adding moisture to your skin.

How soon can I expect positive results?

Coconut oil for face wrinkles can start spelling its magic by the second week. Applying it daily would cause you no harm. There is no age limit to using coconut oil. As per your preference and budget, you can apply it once a day, every alternate days, or twice a week. It will reap you amazing fruits, that’s for sure!

Are fine lines and dark spots reduced along with wrinkles?

Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dark circles, blemishes, creases, and all other signs of aging are abolished with coconut oil. Using the perfect coconut oil for face wrinkles can say goodbye to all those mean signs of aging.

Is there any diet I need to maintain during the coconut oil treatment?

There is no special diet that needs to go along with coconut oil as here you are simply applying the coconut oil for face wrinkles as a topical use. But, hey! You are never at loss if you follow a healthy diet plan. A diet that has a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in appropriate proportions can do wonders to keeping your skin healthy internally.

coconut oil for face wrinkles

The age old secret of healthy foods, plenty of water, exercises, and beauty regimen can help you get youthful skin. So, you with coconut oil for face wrinkles, age gracefully and watch the compliments pouring in. Wait, did we just hear someone already say, “You never seem to age! What is the secret to your beautiful and youthful skin?” Go ahead, try coconut oil and fall in love with it.

Are you already in love with coconut oil? We are guessing you are! Well, then go ahead and tell all your girl pals and all the women you know about the secret to youthful skin. Do let us know in the comment section below what you think about this article. Tell us if you experienced the benefits of coconut oil for face wrinkles. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on The Urban Lady. We will be back soon with some more exciting tips on youthful skin and a beautiful, healthy life. Till then, look and feel gorgeous ladies! 🙂

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