Acne Spot Treatment: 3 DIYs for an Emergency Pimple

acne spot treatment

Need an acne spot treatment to easily get rid of acne? Learn how you can bust that emergency pimple using effective acne spot treatment made from natural ingredients.

Right from the time we hit puberty to the time we conceive and then eventually hit menopause, we women are accustomed to the tumultuous and raging hormonal changes that our bodies undergo. Mentally, physically and spiritually we are all undergoing changes because that is the cycle of life. That is how nature really works!

Amidst all these dilemmas, the one thing that takes the beating the most is our skin. And talking about skin problems, acne is something that has maintained an unbroken record of topping the charts.

Why then do we need the perfect acne spot treatment to solve our pimple problems? I mean as it is they keep recurring back in the same spots. Doesn’t this make 0% sense? After dabbling into oily, cheesy and spicy food once, an eruption is bound to occur. Instead of experimenting with the same old homemade beauty treatment for acne, I would rather opt for naturel DIY recipes that you can put together and work it out as an acne spot treatment.

Gain back lost confidence not acne

Regardless of your skin complexion and skin tone, having healthy and beautiful skin also speaks for yourself. I manage to save up time as I no longer have to fidget with popping them or stare endlessly at the mirror waiting for them to go away. It is an absolute horror to be walking into a party with acne on your face and people noticing them. This is in spite of your unsuccessful attempts to conceal your pimples with makeup. And when you think you succeeded in busting the zits, another ridiculous pain that you have to face is the black scars that only remind you of the dreadful phase you just went through.

Though I haven’t been unclogging pores recently using acne spot treatment, I have researched and experimented enough to come to a solution for emergency acne. In fact, using these beautiful acne spot treatment remedies, you can gain back your flawless acne-free and scar-free skin and achieve the confidence you always wanted.

Quick healing demands a powerful acne spot treatment

For pimples that keep recurring and are supremely stubborn, you can try the cystic acne treatment at home, which heal and help you get erase scars with the course of time.

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But, for pimples that require urgent attention, you need an acne spot treatment that works fast to heal the acne and scars at a great pace!

You can modify these recipes as per your convenience, but I would recommend you to stick to these DIY acne spot treatment recipes as they have personally helped me overcome an uncountable number of pimples.

Acne Spot Treatment as per your skin type

1. Green Ice Tea Cubes

acne spot treatment

Yes! We ain’t kidding! Ice is an extreme beneficial acne spot treatment for battling cystic acne and violent pimples. This time you get to alter it a bit in the acne spot treatment. Instead of using regular water as ice, you can prepare some brewed green tea and freeze it to from green tea ice cubes. Use the cubes and dab them directly on to the pimples till the ice fully melts. That’s why it’s called as acne spot treatment because you are specifically concentrating your treatment on those zits.

The antioxidants that are loaded in green tea fight off all bacteria of the acne. It opens up the skin pores and cleanses them from within. This acne spot treatment also makes your skin soft and supple.

2. Clove and Honey

Unlike any other acne spot treatment, this one is completely anti-inflammatory thanks to the honey. It reduces the inflammation and irritation that is caused by the pimples. Clove too contains anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and anti-fungal properties. So, it is rich enough to treat your acne naturally. It is often blended with face packs as clove oil if applied topically to your acne also acts as a potent acne spot treatment for acne removal.

acne spot treatment

Preparing this acne spot treatment is no big task.

  • Add 3 teaspoons of raw honey
  • Add 8 drops of clove essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon of groundnut nutmeg
  • Mix all these ingredients well
  • Apply on the pimple
  • Leave it for 30 minutes
  • Wash it with cool water

Once you use it, store the mixture in a clean jar and use whenever required. Continue to use this acne spot treatment once or twice a week for better visible results.

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3. Lavender Tea Tree Oil

Popping pimples is considered to be bad as it leaves behind terrible marks. Despite this, many lose their patience and end up popping. Perhaps, they have a job interview to attend or an important event for which they are expected to have a smooth and clean face.

But, that isn’t an ideal solution, is it? What if I tell you that you can pop it the unconventional way! Yes! That is true!

What you need in this acne spot treatment is fresh and organic lavender tea tree oil

It’s really simple. Seriously.

acne spot treatment

You need to use lavender tea tree oil along with jojoba oil. Remember, we had last told you about the importance of using carrier oils while using tea tree oil. Similarly, you need to use the jojoba oil as a carrier oil as tea tree oil is very strong when concentrated itself. Using it in its concentrated form can cause over-drying of the skin and create unnecessary skin complications. Use this acne spot treatment carefully.

That’s it folks! I am so happy to have shared these acne spot treatment tricks with you. They work for me each time and I am confident that if you follow them the way I have told you to, you would surely see desired results.

Just these 3 DIY acne spot treatment recipes is all it takes to master the art of having gorgeous and healthy skin.

Raise your hands if you are ready to bring back acne-free skin into your life!

Think this would help? Yes? No? What say? Do share your feedback with us as we are eager to know what you think about these acne spot treatment remedies. Make sure you like and share this post to the ones you care for. Also, if you have better acne spot treatment recipes than these, do write to us in the comment section below.

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