6 best home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

home remedies to lighten dark lips

Do you want home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally and get pink and beautiful lips? Check out these home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally without any hassles. 

Rosy and pink lips are very important parameters of a woman’s beauty. It’s because dewy and red lips buzz up your glamour quotients and for that you need home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally.  You need not slick on lipstick every-time to get a pinkish touch to your pouts. Instead, rely on home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally. You can try home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally at your home to bring a reddish tinge on your lips naturally at no great cost.

Lips have no oil glands that is why environmental factors such as fluctuating humidity, sun rays or harsh winds are more likely to inflict damage on lips. So it is requisite to take proper care of your lips to prevent them from getting dry and cracked.

Here is presenting some very effective home remedies to lighten your dark lips naturally

1. Beetroot juice for rosy lips

Home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

This red fruit has miraculous powder to redden your lips naturally. Bursting with the powers of betanin and vulgaxanthin, beets have amazing anti-oxidant properties that make it a beneficial aid in curing the dark pigmentation and discoloration of lips.

As you know beets have natural red stain that works a great deal in reddening your lips naturally. All you got to do is to squeeze the juice of beets after grating them and then dab gently on your lips for 5-7 minutes and let it stay for one hour. So easy and cheap! The results: pink, rosy and beautiful pouts in a jiffy.

In addition to this recipe, you can use beetroot with milk cream. Mix one spoon of beetroot juice with one spoon of milk cream and then massage your lips with this resultant preparation every night before you go to bed and leave it overnight. Repeat this process continuously for 7 days and you will feel the difference in your lips’ color. It is among the best home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally.

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2. Lemon juice, glycerin, honey mix to lighten your dark lips

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Free your lips from dryness with this miracle recipe that acts as home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally. All you need is half spoon of honey, half spoon of glycerin and one spoon of lemon juice to prepare this nourishing mask. Mix all these ingredients and massage on your lips.

This natural infusion has heaps of goodness of three active skin-lightening agents that is why this potent mixture nourishes your lips to make them soft and pinkish.

3. Coriander for pink and rosy lips

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Another home remedy in the kitty of mother nature is coriander leaves which you can use on your lips. Do not be surprised! It is true! Coriander leaves are chock-a block with Vitamin A, C, D, k and B9 and they help to treat pigmented lips and as a result you get gorgeously pink and plumped lips. You can use coriander leaves paste on your lips as it serves as home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally.

Either rub coriander pastes on your lips for few minutes or you can dab your lips with generous coat of coriander juice to make them fuller, attractive and rosy.

4. Sugar and honey scrub

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally
If you are in a quest for a natural remedy that can lighten the darkness of your lips, then the sugar and honey scrub can do this job very effectively.

Just mix one spoon of sugar with 2 spoons of honey and scrub gently on your lips till sugar granules melt completely. This process removes dead cells, discoloration of lips to render your lips softness as well as pinkish tinge. Afterwards, treat your lips to the skin-nourishing olive oil massage to complete the procedure.

Since, olive oil has vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to caress your lovely lips. This beauty tip will not only work as home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally, but will also make your lips rosy and smooth also within 3 days of usage.

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5. Strawberry and petroleum jelly homemade lips balm

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Women around the world use strawberry lips balm to replenish the moisture levels of their lips. And it goes without saying that petroleum jelly is the most popular and hassle free recipe in softening your cracked lips.

So why not rustle up a lip balm at home by combining these two active moisturizing agents to pamper your pouts instantly? All you need to do is to crush a strawberry and mix this with one spoon of petroleum jelly and slather a thick coat of this preparation on the lips for 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

This yummy and smooth exfoliating scrub will help in renewal of cells and bring a pinkish stain to your lips the natural way. To top it off, since strawberry like other berries has high amount in vitamin C to its credit, which helps in formation of collagen, thereby, helping in ironing out the wrinkles around your lips.

6. Saffron and ghee (clarified butter) home remedy

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Another herbal remedy which can use on your lips without any hassles is saffron and ghee mix. Here is how to go about making this preparation: Mix 2 strands of saffron to ghee and massage on your lips gently.

See you nourished and moisturised your lips feel after this application. So simple and fuss free dark lips treatment at home!


You have come to know about the best 6 natural remedies for dark lips treatment which you can use at the comfort of your home. All these recipes are very effective and very easy on your pocket and hence make it to the list of home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally.

So make sure to incorporate aforementioned beauty tips into your day to day beauty routine and you will sure to get positive results beyond expectations. Let us know what you think of these tricks by writing to us in the comment section below. Also, spread the love by liking and sharing this article with your girl gang, family, and friends. 

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