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Why advertise on The Urban Lady?

Well to be very honest, why not advertise at The Urban Lady? TUL has a growing reader base, which is expanding at the rate of 100+ readers every week. We are young and dynamic, and are constantly providing our readers with the best content to consume. The primary readers of our website are women who are interested in clothing, beauty tips, home-made remedies, and even fashion tips to look gorgeous day in and out. But wait a minute! Our analytics also suggest that we do have male readers very keen on reading some of our trending topics as well. For example, dating and relationships category got the most number of hits from the male reader base.

If you are serious about your business and want to reach a niche target audience, we have the perfect marketing plan placed for you. With the wide range of advertisement options available at The Urban Lady, we are sure that your business will be able to benefit to it’s fullest potential.

What do we provide as advertisement?

At The Urban Lady, we provide mainly the following 5 types of advertisement options to our partners:

  • Front-page ads (These ads will appear on the homepage, which is one of the most viewed pages)
  • Sidebar ads (Your ad will be visible on every post throughout the website. If you like a more controlled ad option such as targeting a specific category in our website, we do provide this option as well.)
  • Header ads (These ads will appear in the header of the website and will be visible almost throughout the site.)
  • Product review (We will be reviewing your product after complete personal usage and write an unbiased and honest review about it explaining everything about the product to our readers)
  • Sponsored articles (These articles will be provided by the partner or written by our in-house editors and published on TUL only after it has been approved by the Editor-in-Chief)

If you would have a custom need, do feel free to contact us.

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